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Well, the truly amazing Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx while the Egyptian Museum are destinations as well-known to a random tourist as it could be. But, then you may also think of visiting some of the lesser known attractions if you are enjoying an extended stay in the capital Cairo. It isn't that these tourist attractions aren't worth a call or they are maybe not visited. It is just that tourists for a quick Egypt journey often skip them given that they pale ahead of the enigma associated with pyramids and Sphinx. However, when you have seen your share of pyramids and Sphinx in order to find we recommend below that you still have plenty of time left to sight see, then do go through the attractions:

i. The Solar Boat Museum: this is a museum which houses a watercraft that when belonged to Khufu (the Pharaoh who has also a popular pyramid to their name). It is not a must-visit, unless you would love to know more about the Pharaohs and their royal possessions unless you love history or.

ii. Cairo Opera home: You can add a dash of music to your Egypt trip to pyramids by at risk of the Cairo Opera House. Located in the heart associated with the capital, this spot usually hosts a few of the most shows that are melodious performances. An spent here will be an evening well spent evening.
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